Jeanne Fries is a Canadian sculptor, painter and new media artist. Fries studied at the Glasgow School of Art (Sculpture and Environmental Art)  and at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey (ceramics and philosophy). She received a BFA and double minor in Philosophy and Art History from Mount Allison University(2016). Fries has exhibited nationally at South of Main Gallery (Vancouver

BC), The Owens Art Gallery (Sackville NB), and Struts Gallery and Faucet Media Arts Center (Sackville NB). She has shown internationally in New York, Portland OR, Glasgow and Turkey. Her work can be found in various private collections. She currently resides in her hometown of Calgary, AB, after living and working in Portland Oregon.





My work, much like myself and the rest of my generation, arises from it’s environment. An environment: society, community, identity , etc., take your pick, defined not in the multiplicity but by it’s multiplicity; it's decentralization, it’s interdisciplinary nature, it’s interconnectedness. This has manifested in my life and practice as: living and making in Scotland, Istanbul, Eastern and Western Canada and the West Coast of the United States; being both an art producer and art facilitator; being at once

repulsed and enamoured by the Internet; making art that builds community and simultaneously criticizes it. These experiences and interests result in an art practice grounded in exploring the subtle expressions of power dynamics in public spaces (both the physical and the non-physical). My work aims to posit questions, to re-frame the familiar, to stimulate discussion, thought, and eventually, hopefully, change.





- BFA + Philosophy, Art History -  Mount Allison University - 2016

- Glasgow School of Art, (Sculpture and Environmental Art) - 2014

- Bilkent University, (Ceramics and Philosophy) - 2015



tb.2021 - Artifact , “New Works” New York, NY. USA

11.2017 - The Screen Door, "Recent Works" Portland, OR. USA

08.2017 - South of Main Gallery "Send Me Something ___." Vancouver, BC. Canada

02.2017 - Zumstein's “forces.” Portland, OR. USA

06.2016 - Struts Galley and Faucet Media Arts Center “Drones + Chemtrails" Sackville, NB. Canada

03.2016 - START Gallery “Building Bridges" Sackville, NB. Canada

10.2014 - Glasgow School of Art “Come Make Together" Glasgow, Scotland. UK



12.2019 - Red Dot Art Fair, Miami Art Basel Week Miami, FL. USA

08.2019 - Soho Gallery “Collectors Connections” New York, NY. USA

04.2019 - Global Art Fairs Month Pier 92 “Art Expo New York” New York, NY. USA

03.2019 - NYC Armory Art Fairs “Dynamic Directives” Piers 92 & 94, New York, NY. USA

08.2018 - Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery “Poetic Perspectives” New York, NY. USA

10.2017 - Ford Gallery "Group Show", Portland, OR. USA

07.2017 - Oregon Society of Artists “PDX Open Studios Preview Show” Portland, OR. USA

06.2017 - The Warehouse “Inner SE First Friday” Portland, OR. USA

05.2016 - Owens Art Gallery ”BFA Graduation Show” Sackville, NB. Canada

2015 - Hub Gallery “Here” Ankara, Turkey

2014 -  Glasgow School of Art “Third Year Group Expo” Glasgow, Scotland. UK

2014 & 2016 - Owens Art GallerySweetest Little Thing” Sackville, NB. Canada


2017 - KBOO Radio Portland. Interview, September 6

2017 -  Portland Open Studios. Juried Selection. Portland, OR. USA (October)

2017 - “Artist Directory.” Aesthetica Magazine. Issue 76 April/May 2017. 

2016 - "Eye Opener Interview.”Canadian Broadcasting Corporation TV. Aired January 2016.


2017 - Kimberly Gates Emerging Artist Scholarship. Portland Open Studios Board.

2016 - Final Round of Judging for Art Prize. Aesthetica Magazine Judging Panel.

2015 - Community Engagement Grant. $2,700 for community-based art initiative. Renaissance Sackville Board. 2015. 

2015 - Marjorie Young Bell Awards in Fine Arts and Music. [Grant] 1,200$ for community-based art initiative. Marjorie Young Bell Board of Trustees. 2015